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  • The American Journal of Biopharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (AJBPS) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing high-quality articles in the field of Biopharmaceutics, Drug Metabolism, Clinical Development, Pharmacotherapy, Toxicology, Environmental Health, Public Health, Agricultural Sciences, Ethnomedicine, Pharmacogenomics, Nutrigenomics, Plant Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Nutritional Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Sports Medicine, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Regulatory Sciences. The journal is owned by the Global PharmHealth Associates, CA, USA and published by Scientific Scholar(
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  • In 2021 we received 9 manuscripts, of which 7 were accepted after rigorous peer -review and then published
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  • The most viewed manuscript is Validation – Exploration of the Potential of Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity for the Development of Local Nutraceutical Products: A Case for Mauritius. Year: 2021, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, November DOI:10.25259/AJBPS_3_2021
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